Store Policies

Used Books: Trade 2 for 1 based on the publisher list. We give up to 30% of list price as credit. Used mass-market paperbacks are sold at 40% off list price

Audio Books are discounted to $10.00, regardless of the list price.

Trade-sized paperback books are discounted to $7.00, regardless of the list price.

New Books: All new books are sold at 25% off the list price. We will special order any book available to us.
We order a large selection of paperbacks for resale and a small selection of hardback bestsellers

Payment is cash, credit card, debit card or check. (Coupons are not accepted for state and local taxes, 15% handling fee on all trade credit for stocking and overhead cost).

For credit card charges under $5.00, a $0.50 processing fee is added.

Store Credit is divided into 2 categories:

  1. New and Hard to Find Authors: This covers books published in the last 6 months and authors that are popular and in high demand.
  2. Regular Credit: This covers general categories and authors as well as science fiction and westerns.

Books We Do Not Accept for Credit:

  • Mass Market Paperback, Inspirational, or Trade size books older than 8 years.
  • Category romance books older than 2 years
  • Books with water damage, loose pages, clipped, torn, or marked
  • Hardbacks (except new titles not in paperback!)
  • Dated material (magazines, etc)

Store Hours

Monday-Saturday: 9:30AM - 5:30PM
Sunday: Closed

Store Information

University Place Location

6125 University Drive, Suite B-24
Huntsville, Alabama , 35806